PalmTreePools is a swimming pool maintenance, refurbishment and equipment supply company based in Great Notley in Essex. We are a family company and between us have over 50 years of experience in the swimming pool and leisure business. We pride ourselves on our customer service and a personal service that is unrivalled. Owning a swimming pool or hot tub can be stressful and expensive to maintain. We take the stress out and minimise the expense with our comprehensive maintenance plans which can include regular cleaning visits, chemicals, trouble shooting and repairs that keep you "ahead of the game" and minimise the need for expensive call out charges or the inconvenience of losing the use of your pool or hot tub just when you need to use it. Just click the icons for our social media pages for more info!

We can also refurbish your pool if it has gone into a state of disrepair, our specialist builders have years of experience and can take your pool back to its former glory economically and quickly. This is our brand new on-line shop, we also have presence on eBay and Amazon but can guarantee that prices direct from us will be cheaper as we don't have to pay the huge fees that these multinationals levy against us for using their sites. All transactions are guranteed by PayPal so are 100% safe. Happy Shopping.


Acti Multifunctional Tablets 5KG Tubs


Multifunction Tablets are a marvellous way to maintain clean and healthy water. They’re fantastic for people who don’t have time to regularly clean their pool because they slowly release chemicals, keeping water consistently clean and healthy.

The pool tablets contain chemical chlorine, which eliminates bacteria and harmful organisms by disinfecting water. Producing free active chlorine (FAC) is one of the essentials of pool maintenance; without it germs breed and sickness follows. The tablets also contain algae treatment, which prevents algae from building up inside a pool. Algae can stain the frame of a pool, discolour water and act as a breeding ground for damaging micro-organisms.

Another benefit of the chlorine tablets is that they contain clarifying chemicals. The water clarifier helps to bind small, damaging particles together so that they’re easier for a pool filter system to trap. The result is clear and inviting water. These tablets are particularly effective when used with a large chemical floater that floats around the pool dispensing as the tablets dissolve.

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