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We can also refurbish your pool if it has gone into a state of disrepair, our specialist builders have years of experience and can take your pool back to its former glory economically and quickly. This is our brand new on-line shop, we also have presence on eBay and Amazon but can guarantee that prices direct from us will be cheaper as we don't have to pay the huge fees that these multinationals levy against us for using their sites. All transactions are guranteed by PayPal so are 100% safe. Happy Shopping.


Relax Summerlong 2litre


Summerlong Is a slow-release hlghly effective alglclde. One single 2 litre dose Is sufficient to control algae for between 3-6 months In a 50 cubic metre (11,000 gallon) pool. Use Summerlong as directed to control algae over the summer period. Summerlong is pH sensitive and should only be used on pool water maintained within a pH range of 7 .2 -7 .6. Do not add chlorine within 24 hours of using this product or dose this product within 24 hours of adding chlorine to the pool. Summerlong can be used on both chlorinated and brominated pools, both tiled and lined pools. Do not be use on pools using Revacil/Baquacil

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