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Relax Filter and Cartridge Cleaner 1litre


Over a period of time your paper cartridge will be become covered in grease, scale and other sorts of matter. It is essential that you clean your cartridge, cleaning at least once every two weeks - more often if the spa/pool is heavily used. To ensure your cartridge is clean please follow the instructions. Always add chemicals to water and not water to chemicals It is important to maintain clean and healthy filtration system whether in a pool or spa. Part of regular maintenance is the cleaning of the cartridge within the filter. Relax Filter and Cartridge Cleaner is designed to help with the cleaning process Directions for use: Sand Filters Bachwash the filter, Drain and isolate, replace drain before proceeding. 18" filter 250ml 24" filter 500ml 30" filter 750ml 36" filter 100ml fill the filter chamber with water and allow to soak overnight. rinse thoroughly to waste for at least 2 minutes before returning the filter to service. Paper Cartridges Remove cartridge and other screens from the unit and flush soiling from filter body, cartridge and screens. Soak overnight the cartridge and screens in a 5% solution of relax filter cartridge cleaner. Rinse thoroughly, allow to dry and clean with soft brush, reassemble the filter unit and return to service